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Does It Float?: Parkland


So far in this series on Wylie Writes, re-watching Parkland has been the closest I’ve come to agreeing with the other side of the fence.  However, I won’t be persuaded so easily.

Peter Landesman’s drama Parkland, a film documenting the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the next few days that followed it, has plenty of accomplishments.  Landesman’s ability to capture 1960’s period detail is spot on, and there no sign of fabrication when the film touches on those extreme emotions that rose out of this devastating event.

The cast is stacked with loads of talent, but that doesn’t necessarily always help the movie.  The casting of Zac Efron is a bit befuddling and bit parts belonging to Marcia Gay Harden and Jackie Earle Haley don’t give the actors a whole lot to do.

However, Landesman’s film gets some of the casting correct in this ensemble.  Billy Bob Thornton and Colin Hanks show efficient acting with their authoritative roles, and Jacki Weaver holds our interest as Lee Harvey Oswald’s defensive mother.  And, I thought – for sure – Paul Giamatti would be an underdog in last year’s awards race for his heartbroken performance as Abraham Zapruder.

The film has those who love and appreciate it, but a fair amount of movie goers were feeling less-than-lukewarm on Parkland.  With a second viewing for this webisode of Does It Float?, I can understand that perspective.  But, a second viewing also gave me a comprehensible standpoint as to why Parkland is still decent, and why it may benefit you watching it on TV as opposed to seeing it in a movie theatre.

Another webisode comin’ right up!

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