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WIN a DVD of Jacob Vaughan’s ‘Bad Milo’


One of my favourite surprises of last year was finding out how Jacob Vaughan’s creature feature Bad Milo played with a packed crowd.  The scene was set at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre during one of Toronto After Dark’s pre-screenings to hype up the upcoming and highly popular genre showcase.

The pre-screening audience award ended up going to Matt Johnson’s innovative indie The Dirties, but hanging in as a close runner up was Bad Milo.  It proved that the laughter and spirited groans that occurred during the screening were not forced.  Vaughan’s horror/comedy is a crowd pleasing gross-out spectacle with a heart.

Bad Milo is also a proper throwback to camp from the 50’s featuring practical effects and back-to-basics filmmaking.  It never feels as if Vaughan is slumming it.  He takes his premise as seriously as he can while also realizing how ludicrous the premise is.  It’s a great balance, and nowadays that’s rare.

Wylie Writes is giving away a DVD copy of Bad Milo, courtesy of  Video Services Corp. and GAT PR.  Entering the giveaway is a piece of cake, but you must be 14 or over and live in Canada to take part.

Just “like” the Bad Milo contest post on Wylie Writes’ Facebook page.  That’s it, that’s all!

The contest ends on Monday, January 20 at 11:00 pm EDT.  One random winner will be contacted through Facebook and prompted to provide an address to which we will mail the prize to.

Good luck! Bad Milo is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD on January 21.


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